DAWN Multi-Angle Light Scattering Detector from WYATT

Multi-Angle Static Light Scattering is the preferred analytical technique for determining absolute molar masses, sizes (radius of gyration Rg, also known as root mean square radius RMS) and conformation of all types of macromolecules and particles in solution such as proteins, biopolymers, polymers and particles, liposomes, micelles, encapsulated proteins and many more. MALS provides absolute measurements because they are made without reference to molar mass standards, column calibration, or molecular conformation.

The DAWN® may be used either for continuous flow detection following chromatographic separation (connected on-line to HPLC/ SEC/ FFF) or off-line as a stand-alone unit in batch or microbatch mode. It utilizes a 120mW solid-state laser operating at 658 nm and also has on-board digital signal processing hardware for up to four external devices such as RI and/or UV detectors. It has a gorgeous 64,000 color LCD display, thermostatic control options, depolarization options, and the ability to interface to high temperature GPC systems like the PL210 and Waters Alliance 2000. On-board analog-to-digital conversion with Ethernet communication for data acquisition.