Immune checkpoint proteins have attracted more and more attention over the past couple of years due to their role in cancer development. Researchers have discovered that tumor cells can ‘hijack’ the checkpoint pathways of these proteins to avoid attacks from the immune system.

Thus, many cancer specialists believe that disabling these checkpoints may help the body’s immune system fight off cancer cells.

As a result of the anti-tumor activity demonstrated by anti-CTLA4 and anti-PD1 monoclonal antibodies, researchers have expanded their investigations to include other immune checkpoint proteins that may lead to better cancer treatments. To support these research initiatives, ACROBiosystems provides customers with an exclusive immune checkpoint protein collection, which includes Fc-tagged, His-tagged, mouse Fc-tagged, Strep-tagged and tag-free proteins.

These proteins are available in human, mouse, rat, rabbit rhesus macaque and cynomolgus varieties to allow for a wider range of research applications. ACROBiosystems has confirmed the consistency and excellent performance of their proteins using a wide variety of assays.

Fluorescence-Activated Cell Sorting (FACS) Tested Immune Checkpoint Proteins

Molecule Sign Species Tag
B7-2 CD6-H5257 Human C-Fc
CD6-H82F5 Human C-Fc&C-Avi
CD155 CD5-H5251 Human C-Fc
CD5-H82F6 Human C-Fc&C-Avi
CD5-H5254 Human C-mFc (mIgG2a)
CD40 CD0-H5253 Human C-Fc
DNAM-1 DN1-H52H6 Human C-10×His
DN1-H5257 Human C-Fc
DN1-H82F9 Human C-Fc&C-Avi
LAG-3 LA3-C5252 Cynomolgus C-Fc
LA3-H52Aa Human C-mFc (mIgG2a)
LA3-H82F3 Human C-mFc (mIgG2a) &C-Avi
OX40 OX0-H5224 Human C-10×His
OX0-H5255 Human C-Fc
OX0-H82F7 Human C-Fc&C-Avi
TN4-H82E4 Human C-Avi&C-6×His
OX0-H5252 Human C-mFc (mIgG2a)
OX40 Ligand OXL-H52Q8 Human N-6×His
OXL-H526x Human N-Fc
OXL-H5250 Human C-mFc (mIgG2a)
PD-1 PD1-H5257 Human C-Fc
PD1-H82F2 Human C-Fc&C-Avi&C-6×His
PD-L1 PD1-H5258 Human C-Fc
PD1-H82F3 Human C-Fc&C-Avi&C-6×His
PD1-H52A3 Human C-mFc (mIgG1)
PD-L2 PD2-H5251 Human C-Fc
PD2-H52A5 Human C-mFc (mIgG1)
SIRP alpha SIA-H5225 Human C-9×His
SIA-H5251 Human C-Fc
SIA-H52A8 Human C-mFc (mIgG1)
SIA-H5351 Human C-Fc
CDA-H82F2 Human C-Fc&C-Avi
TIGIT TIT-H5254 Human C-Fc
TIT-H52H3 Human C-10×His
TIT-H82F1 Human C-Fc&C-Avi
TIT-H82E5 Human C-Avi&C-10×His
TIT-H5253 Human C-mFc (mIgG2a)

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