GX-274 ASPEC Solid-Phase Extraction from Gilson

The Gilson GX-274 ASPEC brings all the advantages of the GX-271 ASPEC and performs extractions up to four times more quickly.  This system is a complete solution for SPE: sample prep and run.  The innovative mobile racks allow you to automate sample preparation steps before or after SPE, and the unique caps allow for positive pressure extractions, which are more precise and robust.  Four probes means that one can process four times as many samples at once.  

The GX-274 ASPEC is a higher throughput four-probe instrument capable of processing up to 4 samples in parallel to increase both throughput and the efficiency of your cartridge-based applications. Based on positive pressure elution, this instrument processes up to four samples in a single step with an innovative and proven sealing cap technology, where each cartridge is sealed, run, and monitored individually. 


  • Four probe Z-arm increases throughput and efficiency.
  • Positive pressure elution ensures better reproducibility and higher precision.
  • The 406 Dual Syringe Pumps are equipped with independent pressure sensing modules that monitor pressure on each of the four fluid paths and can be used to handle error conditions such as high cartridge pressure or clogged liquid lines.
  • Accommodates 1, 3 and 6 mL SPE cartridges.
  • On-bed reservoirs allow access up to four solvents without taking up a position on the tray.
  • Transfer ports allow access to 2 additional off-bed, large volume solvent reservoirs without taking up any on bed rack positions. Extend this capability through the use of a VALVEMATE® II.
  • Modular design allows the use of Code 200, Code 34x, or Code 37x series racks.