GenCRISPR synthetic sgRNAs for targeted gene editing

In knockout and HDR-mediated knock-in experiments, GenCRISPR synthetic sgRNAs are effective for targeted gene editing. Compared to conventional plasmid or virus-based delivery systems, using sgRNA with Cas9 protein in the ribonucleic protein (RNP) system has additional benefits.


  • Extremely effective even with challenging primary cell types
  • DNA-free/transgene-free
  • Detected shortly after transfection at high levels
  • Suitable for both ex and in vivo studies
  • Ready-to-use sgRNA, no IVT or annealing required
  • Promptly removed from the cell to reduce side effects

Available in multiple grades to support editing needs

EasyEdit sgRNA

The easy yet effective one-step solution

Modified synthetic sgRNAs that facilitate simple and efficient gene editing.

Delivering in 96-well plates is an option that supports high throughput screening.

  • Most economical solution - ideal for early research and discovery
  • High editing efficiency - No matter what cell type
  • Flexible at scale - 1 to 1000+ sgRNAs 2 to 100+ nmol

SafeEdit sgRNA

Safeguard the cells

High-purity sgRNAs that have been modified and purified using HPLC to minimize cytotoxicity and off-target effects.

  • Guaranteed purity of higher than 90%
  • Impact on cell viability is minimal
  • Less off-targeting as a result of truncated guides
  • Suitable for stem cells and primary cells

Preclinical grade sgRNA

Extra purification and quality control

For both ex vivo and in vivo preclinical studies.

  • After HPLC, further C18 desalting is performed to remove inorganic salts
  • Sterile packaging and filling
  • CoA and TSE/BSE Certification
  • Delivery in 1-3 weeks

cGMP grade sgRNA

cGMP sgRNA-dedicated for IND and clinical phase I material production is now available from GenScript:

  • State-of-the-art production facility
    Clear suite with a class A isolator in a class C background.
  • Comprehensive QA/QC
    Proprietary NGS method for sgRNA identity verification
  • Trusted by scientific partners globally
    Delivered 30+ cGMP-grade batches successfully

cGMP sgRNA Production Workflow:

GenCRISPR synthetic sgRNAs for targeted gene editing

Image Credit: GenScript