The custom gene synthesis services from GenScript address all molecular biology requirements without affecting quality.

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  Fast Standard Economy GenBrick
Length ≤ 5 kb ≤ 8 kb ≤ 8 kb > 8 kb
Turnaround time (starting from)* 7 business days (bd) 8 business days (bd)s 10 business days (bd) 23 business days (bd)
Complex genes
Overview Custom industry-leading genes, 100% sequence accuracy guaranteed


The standard delivery comprises:

  • Sequence chromatograms or NGS read depth plots covering the gene (electronic)
  • 4 μg of the lyophilized plasmid containing the gene insert (1 μg for low-copy plasmid)*
  • Construct map for the plasmid (electronic)
  • Quality assurance certificate

Service details

Gene synthesis is a dependable, cost-effective technology for producing tailored DNA constructs with excellent sequence precision. DNA synthesis, as a strong molecular biology technique, is quickly becoming an essential part of the research workflow and has revolutionized modern biology.

De novo gene synthesis is rapidly replacing traditional cloning and mutagenesis processes and enables the creation of nucleic acids in situations where no template is obtainable. Using efficient gene design algorithms that optimize codon usage results in high amounts of recombinant protein expression.

To guarantee 100% sequence correctness, GenScript’s DNA synthesis process employs on-site sequence optimization and oligo design, followed by oligo synthesis and gene assembly. The unique GenSmartTM Codon Optimization tool, a free, user-friendly online algorithm, offers optimal functional protein expression, so the user is never more than one click away from the ideal sequence.

In contrast to conventional molecular cloning approaches, GenScript’s gene synthesis service saves money and time while providing unmatched top-to-bottom customization.

GenScript has the experience to assist users in meeting their DNA synthesis needs as an innovator and pioneer in gene synthesis technology, with over 700,000 completed gene synthesis projects for researchers worldwide.

DNA synthesis offers potent solutions for molecular cloning, fusion protein creation, and protein expression levels that are suitably high. GenScript, armed with unique technologies, provides professional project management services and highly configurable downstream solutions to keep the project on track.

DNA Synthesis Technology | How synthetic DNA is made

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  • Reliable 24 hours technical support
  • 99.95% one-time success rate
  • >700,000 projects delivered globally
  • Top gene provider since 2008
  • 95% on-time delivery rate
  • GenSmart online ordering 

The GenScript Edge

Plasmid preparations

Plasmid preparations from microgram to gram quantities are of research, industrial, preclinical, and GMP quality.

Vector selection

With 150+ popular commercial vectors accessible, including mammalian, yeast, baculovirus, and bacterial expression vectors, GenScript provides the industry’s widest range of IP FREE vectors.

ORF clones

The most recent version of ORF clones has been synced with GenBank. Protein-coding, expression-ready genes are available in vectors tagged for protein identification and purification.


I think GenScript provides absolutely excellent products in a timely fashion. I have primarily used GenScript to order codon optimized artificial genes. Ordering artificial genes on their website or via Email makes this especially facile because I can simply inquire about a gene, get a quote, and then get a PO number. The whole process is fast and the turnaround time for obtaining the finished product is usually less than a month. I also think their technical support are wonderful people, they have been most helpful in facilitating the process. I am so impressed with them that I have recommended them to several of my colleagues.”

Dr Maria Schumacher PhD, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, USA

Tools and resources

GenScript offers clever ideas to make the laboratory comfortable.

The unique GenSmart system provides free tools to enables users to design, edit, optimize, and quote the DNA sequences all in one platform. 

GenSmart instant quote

Genes to quote in one minute. To make things easier for the user, the GenSmart online ordering system enables batch upload and evaluation. Equipped with a clever error-checking mechanism to detect and report common mistakes in the designs.

GenSmart codon optimization

A one-of-a-kind algorithm that assesses over 200 parameters to increase the likelihood of generating functional and active protein.

GenSmart design

GenScript’s free online DNA construct design tool simplifies plasmid design by providing 200+ popular commercial vectors, automated sequence annotation, an error-checking algorithm, and more.