Synthesis services to analyze neoantigen peptide

GenScript can synthesize numerous difficult neoantigen peptides and offer specialized optimization tools for specific downstream applications. They have the technical capability and experience to accomplish this.

Stages of neoantigen precision immunotherapy

The Neoantigen Peptide Synthesis Service from GenScript can be utilized for various purposes, such as functional testing of potential TCR treatment neoantigen candidates and clinical stage vaccine immunogenicity testing.

Synthesis services to analyze neoantigen peptide

Image Credit: GenScript

Tailored synthesis for any application

  • TCR-Antigen affinity and immunogenicity screening
  • Personalized cancer vaccine (PCV)
  • PCV efficacy screening

Features of GenScript’s service

  • Reliable partner for neoantigen synthesis
  • Effective synthesis of difficult peptides
  • Flexibility of services for personalized therapy