U-OI/CT: A preclinical in vivo 2D/3D/4D optical imaging system

The MILabs U-OI/CT is a versatile in vivo imaging system that consists of optical imaging and CT imaging modules that can be used in-line or separately. When used in-line the U-OI/CT can produce more accurate, multi-modal datasets that are seamlessly correlated. The modules can also be used independently, allowing separate imaging experiments to be performed by multiple researchers using both modalities.

Key features

  • Versatile dual-use solution: in-line mode with top-level CT (right) or off-line mode on the bench (left).
  • Unprecedented localization and quantification: By adopting a non-uniform reconstruction model, CT data from the same animal corrects absorption and scattering per organ for optical imaging.
  • Industry-leading performance: Ultra-high-sensitivity, high-throughput, best-in-class resolution and FOV.
  • User-friendly design and easy-to-use features, including spectral mixing/fluorescence crosstalk function.
  • Imaging results repeatable/comparable across other systems (NIST Traceable).
  • Upgradeable with PET and/or SPECT modalities.

U-OI/CT in-line mode

  • 2D planer and 3D/4D tomographic imaging functionalities.
    • 2D: Bioluminescence, fluorescence and Cherenkov.
    • 3D/4D: Unique bioluminescence tomographic (BLT) and fluorescence tomographic (FLT) modes.
  • Near-infrared laser excitation source ensures minimal absorption and scattering.

U-OI off-line mode with standalone U-CT

  • 2D planer imaging functionalities.
    • 2D: Bioluminescence, fluorescence and Cherenkov.
    • High-throughput: Able to image up to 10 animals simultaneously.
  • Adjustable FOV/resolution/throughput.
  • Enabling parallel use of optical and X-Ray CT modules by different research teams/applications.

Versatile in vivo optical imaging from 2D to 3D/4D

MILabs offers versatile and powerful optical imaging solutions for various preclinical applications ranging from molecular and functional imaging to translational research. The integrated U-OI/CT allows for optical and CT imaging in parallel for dedicated multimodal applications. This allows users to switch freely between in-line and off-line (or benchtop; standalone) modes.

The seamless in-line mode enables 3D/4D OI/CT acquisitions on a single-floor standing platform and offers more accurate reconstruction and quantification of deep tissues and dark organs. Conveniently, the separate benchtop mode is still available for 2D planar optical imaging.

Meanwhile, U-OI can also be installed separately (without a CT module) and offers the flexibility to upgrade to U-OI/CT at a later date.

Upgrade with PET/SPECT

Translation of optical imaging results to clinically compatible PET or SPECT data is easily accomplished by adding the desired nuclear modality to the U-OI/CT system, thanks to the modular system design.

MILabs offers any combination of in-line PET, SPECT, optical, and CT on a single platform. This makes one-to-one translation from optical/anatomical research data to clinically compatible nuclear imaging technologies possible and avoids animal shuttling with inconsistent anesthesia conditions as well as image registration challenges.