Designed specifically for illicit drug and narcotics identification, the Rigaku CQL Narc-ID allows for the quick identification of unknown substances, including illicit narcotics, precursors and cutting agents. With the ability to scan through packaging, it also minimizes potential operator exposure to the material in question. 

Key features 

  • 1064 nm Raman excitation – Identify dirty or colored samples, even through colored packaging, with a result in less than 1 minute
  • Portable - Handheld 1.7 kg / 3.7 lbs 
  • On-board library - >1,100 drugs and related chemicals 
  • Rechargeable batteries 
  • Environmental ruggedness - IP68 and MIL810G 
  • Connectivity - USB & WiFi 
  • Convenience - Touchscreen or button interface 
  • Onboard digital camera to capture pictorial evidence - 5 MP 
  • 4C Technology – Automatically monitors individual scans for dangerous recipe combinations 
  • QuickDetect Trace Colorimetric Detection (optional) – detect non-visible amounts of a substance 
  • CommandSuite Fleet Management (optional) – provides a centralized administration area for multi-unit users 
  • Industry-leading support – 24-month warranty with software and library updates for the life of the instrument 

Superior 1064 nm Raman excitation 

Unlike other Raman analyzers, Rigaku instruments utilize 1064 nm excitation, maximizing the signal to be analyzed by minimizing absorption. For users, this means faster analysis times (typically less than 1 minute) and the ability to scan substances through packaging and containers, avoiding possible operator exposure. 

On-board chemical library 

The on-board library of over 1,100 chemical substances allows you to quickly identify common chemical threats such as: 

  • Cutting Agents 
  • Narcotics 
  • Narcotic Precursors 
  • Pharmaceuticals 
  • Solvents 
  • Steroids 

Note – If your need extends to chemical warfare agents (CWA), explosives and/or toxic industrial chemicals (TIC), we recommend the Rigaku CQL Max-ID or CQL Gen-ID, which includes these in their on-board-libraries. 

Response capabilities 

The following are in-field capabilities that the Rigaku CQL Narc-ID handheld Raman analyzer provides: 

  • Automatic mixture analysis of up to 5 components 
  • Identify bulk and trace levels of an unknown substance 
  • Automatic precursor monitoring 
  • Add pictorial evidence using on-board camera 
  • Adjustable focal position to accommodate sampling through different packaging 

 Integrated CommandSuite fleet management capability