Users can execute analytical laboratory-quality analyses of raw materials by using the Progeny 1064 nm handheld Raman analyzer.

Ideal for analyzing powders, solids, liquids, and other substances, users can easily combine the Progeny handheld Raman into their workflow, in their laboratory, in the production process, or for quality control of incoming and outgoing materials. Being adaptable and customizable, users can easily achieve 100% raw material inspection throughout their operation.

Perfect for chemical manufacture, pharmaceuticals, and any other process using chemicals, the Progeny handheld Raman can be utilized for:

  • Raw material identification (RMID) of nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic ingredients
  • Authentication of finished products and anti-counterfeit prevention
  • Verification of trial materials, solvents, chemical, and cell culture media

Features and benefits

  • Precisely examine users’ materials via packaging
  • Reduce the learning curve with a smartphone-inspired interface
  • Users can increase confidence in users’ material ID with matchless sensitivity
  • Quick and easy PASS/FAIL analysis
  • Quantify an extensive range of materials along with interference-free data
  • Expand users’ data transfer flexibility (wireless, LIMS, and docking station)

Superior performance with 1064 nm Raman

Rigaku Raman analyzers use 1064 nm excitation, which has the benefit over others that utilize 785 nm by reducing absorption by the sample. This leads to stronger signals and faster analysis times. Moreover, users could examine materials via packaging, increasing efficiency.

Regulatory compliance

Having increasingly strict standards and industry-specific needs, the progeny handheld Raman eases regulatory compliance by offering an entire IQ/OQ/PQ protocol package, unique and compliant 21 CFR Part 11 digital signatures, and a combined camera for barcode reading for error-free data entry.

Progeny is an FDA 1040, EP, USP, MHRA GMP-approved method.

Progeny handheld Raman analyzer for raw material ID

Image Credit: Rigaku Corporation