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  • News - 5 Mar 2009
    From the removal of childhood birthmarks to skin rejuvenation, laser technology has become a mainstay in dermatology.
  • News - 8 May 2017
    Three in five teenagers surveyed by the British Skin Foundation reported ‘a fall in self-confidence’ as the biggest impact that acne has on their lives. From my experience as a dermatologist I find...
  • News - 29 Aug 2018
    A new study published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology reports important steps that have been taken towards the development of an acne vaccine.
  • News - 5 Mar 2007
    The largest study ever conducted on acne and stress reveals that teenagers who were under high levels of stress were 23 percent more likely to have increased acne severity, according to researchers...
  • News - 6 Dec 2023
    A new study highlights how stigmatizing attitudes about individuals with acne may influence social and professional perceptions.
  • Health - 19 Dec 2022
    Acne is a skin condition caused by excessive sebum secretion, which piles up inside the hair follicles to form open and closed comedones, also called blackheads and whiteheads, respectively. Mild,...
  • Health - 16 Nov 2018
    Acne a common skin condition that affects people across several age groups, usually with a strong family history.
  • Health - 30 Dec 2022
    Acne is a skin disorder which involves the pilosebaceous units of the skin. These consist of a hair follicle, which gives rise to skin hairs, and the attached sebaceous gland, which produces sebum.
  • News - 16 Mar 2020
    Acne treatment including the highly effective acne medication isotretinoin should be made more readily available despite reports of its association with depression and teen suicide.
  • News - 14 Oct 2019
    An unhealthy diet, a high level of stress, and extreme skincare routines were the most significant factors related to acne breakouts.

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