Celadrin arthritis topical cream significantly reduces pain

Celadrin is a novel compound developed through a proprietary process. The product is an all-natural ingredient which has been clinically shown to provide joint health, flexibility and improved quality of life on a cumulative basis with no reported side effects.

In trails, all of the patients who applied Celadrin (a complex of cetylated fatty acids) as opposed to the placebo cream, demonstrated significant improvement in all five physical function measurements.

Patients were assessed for physical function, pain levels, range of motion, postural sway, timed up and go from a chair, timed stair climbing and medial step-down. For every measure, the difference between the Celadrin cream group and placebo cream group was significant, including reduction in pain and stiffness, improvement in supine range of motion of the osteoarthritic knee, less postural sway and reductions in time in both the up and go and the stair climbing tests.

"The scientific findings are very encouraging. Osteoarthritis is a complex condition which is typically treated using nonsteroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs. These findings show that a topical cream can be a very effective and viable alternative. It is exceptionally impressive that 100% of the patients using Celadrin topical cream reported significant benefit when compared to the placebo group, with no reported side effects," said lead investigator Dr William Kraemer in a statement.


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