GFS solution to Cholera

GFS BioProtect™ Effluent Remediator kills Vibrio cholerae O: 1, serotype Ogawa to Log 3 immediately, and the kill rate for this and several other pathogens continues to improve over time. The product breaks down B Class biomass (latrine and septic tank waste) into A class biomass suitable for reuse.

“This is great news for non government organizations looking for a sustainable solution to waste reduction in Haiti as now they can start to implement sustainable sanitation programs in the refugee camps that reduce the spread of cholera at the same time” says Bruce Smyth, Managing Director of Global Future Solutions.

Both BioProtect™ products use naturally occurring microbes that have been supercharged by a revolutionary new, all natural, patented process. Other product features include high temperature tolerance, long shelf life, immediate reduction of BOD and COD related odour, a complete kill of sulfur producing bacteria that create the “rotten egg” smell. The high levels of biosurfactants and enzymes in BPER and BPIC make them powerful cleaning and disinfectant products for many areas in the disease stricken refugee camps.

Global Future Solutions (GFS) is an Australian company that works in the field of Green Chemistry to create and distribute economically priced, non-toxic and sustainable antimicrobial and enzyme products throughout the globe. GFS has been testing GFS BioProtect™ Effluent Remediator and its other long lasting non-toxic hand and surface sanitisers in Haiti since May this year.

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