Olympus ScopeGuide for colonoscopy receives U.S. approval

New visual tool provides physicians and surgeons with real-time 3-D visualization of scope position and configuration

Olympus, a precision technology leader in designing and delivering innovative solutions in Medical and Surgical Products among other core businesses, announces that its revolutionary ScopeGuide- technology can now be used within the United States. The new instrument available from Olympus America Inc., is designed to assist GI physicians, colorectal surgeons and nurses during a colonoscopy to visualize the colonoscope as it travels through the colon.

ScopeGuide employs magnetic endoscopic imaging (MEI) to produce a three-dimensional view of the scope and its location within the colon in real-time. A number of small electromagnetic transmission coils located within the colonoscope itself generate a weak magnetic field, which is picked up by the ScopeGuide receiver. The received signals allow the ScopeGuide processor to calculate the location and orientation of each transmission coil, which is used to generate the 3D rendering of the scope, displayed on a screen. A separate handheld 3D marker helps an assistant to visualize where abdominal pressure will be most effective.

Dr. Douglas Howell, Director of the Pancreaticobilary Center at Maine Medical Center describes Olympus' ScopeGuide as, "A major improvement in the quality of everyday colonoscopy."

An exclusive Olympus technology, ScopeGuide's 3D visualization allows the endoscopist to see loop formations as they are occurring for quicker and more effective loop management. It can also assist with scope insertion and help optimize scope handling, which may shorten procedure times and minimize patient discomfort, even during difficult colonoscopies.

Christopher Williams, M.D., honorary physician at St. Mark's Hospital in London explains, "Using ScopeGuide gives an instant overview of colonoscope insertion - so the endoscopist has anatomic certainty, the confidence of knowing exactly what is happening, and can optimize each situation and procedure."

ScopeGuide will be available for purchase within the U.S. later this summer.


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