Randox expand range of immunoturbidimetric proteins

With the recent launch of the Haptoglobin and Ceruloplasmin assays Randox now have one of the largest ranges of immunoturbidimetric proteins on the market. All reagents are liquid ready to use for added convenience; furthermore, automated applications are available for most chemistry systems eliminating the need for specialised protein analysers.

Our extensive product offering covers more than 25 serum proteins including a wide range of plasma proteins, lipoproteins, inflammatory markers and nutritional markers as well as the new haptoglobin and ceruloplasmin assays.

Our highly flexible, multi-purpose reagents are suitable for use on a wide range of clinical chemistry analysers eliminating the requirement for a dedicated protein analyser or nephelometer which can be both expensive and time consuming. The ability to consolidate protein analysis and chemistry testing on a single platform enables improved laboratory efficiency and a reduction in total laboratory costs. At Randox we can even provide fully automated applications for the most popular clinical chemistry instruments.

Many of the protein assays available offer improved sensitivity and enhanced specificity over other immunoturbidimetric assays due to the latex enhanced nature of the reagents. All assays are standardised to the appropriate international reference preparations and are in excellent correlation with competitor reagents and systems. Rigorous interference trials are carried out at Randox to minimise interference from haemoglobin, bilirubin and triglycerides. All Randox IT assays are also tested for possible prozone or antigen excess effects to ensure optimum performance.

The entire Randox range of serum protein reagents are liquid ready to use and stable to expiry date even after opening. The extended stability minimises reagent waste while the liquid format is convenient for laboratory staff and reduces the risk of reconstitution errors.

To complement our range of serum proteins Randox also offer a liquid ready to use, third party specific protein control designed to provide an independent, unbiased assessment of performance. Three levels are available with method specific target values provided for 27 proteins in total. Once opened the material is stable for 30 days at +2-8oC reducing costs and dramatically minimising waste. The control is manufactured from 100% human material meaning it won’t interfere with antibody based tests.

To further assess analytical performance we also have a specific protein EQA programme available providing customers with a complete quality management solution. Our bi-weekly RIQAS programme comprises 26 proteins and allows assessment of analytical performance in comparison to other laboratories using the same method /instrument.


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