Balance firmware by Mettler Toledo provides a more secure weighing process

METTLER TOLEDO analytical and precision lab balances have received a major firmware upgrade. Firmware v3.40 offers better usability for common weighing applications alongside several new features for an improved, more secure weighing experience.

METTLER TOLEDO is pleased to announce that its latest touchscreen balances are being outfitted with a brand-new version of its proprietary firmware. Version 3.40 delivers improvements and additional features to provide what is perhaps the most comprehensive and versatile weighing experience available in the lab today.

The new firmware specifically applies to MS-TS, ML-T, and ME-T analytical and precision balances purchased since April 2016. Additional applications, features, and benefits of the firmware upgrade include:

  • Simpler density determination. A density application for use with METTLER TOLEDO density kits provides improved user guidance to help reliably determine the density of solids and liquids in quality control or R&D labs.
  • Advanced piece counting. With the addition of an advanced piece-counting mode, simplified workflows and various options including reference weight optimization make piece counting easier and offer greater accuracy assurance.
  • Easy-gauge dose-to-target. This graphic option can be activated in most applications to define a target weight, as well as upper and lower tolerances. The optical display appears during dose-in and gives a clear idea of progress to ensure desired targets are reached.
  • Even quicker connectivity. USB host connectivity means USB printers and bar-code readers can be quickly connected to the new balances. USB memory sticks can also be used to back up balance configuration and data.

Included alongside these useful new options are the additional data management features: print-to-file and a more robust backup & restore functionality. Date/time widgets, customized configurations & printouts, and procedural guidance for routine tests using internal weights offer greater ease-of-use and SOP assurance. Each of these features allows v3.40 to offer greater weighing-process security.

Overall, each METTLER TOLEDO balance model retains the features that have made them so popular. MS-TS offers higher security in a durable, large-touchscreen design that is easy and quick to clean. ML-T is compact and easily integrated into any space, offering a large weighing pan with the smallest footprint of the current models. ME-T offers excellent value alongside high quality and ease-of-use.

All three balances offer easy touchscreen operation either bare-fingered or through latex or cotton lab gloves, so users are able to quickly find the desired application for quick and easy weigh-in.


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