DWK Life Sciences offers Workflow Solutions to improve productivity

DWK Life Sciences, the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of precision labware, announces Workflow Solutions, a portfolio of glass and plastic labware designed to improve productivity through every phase of product development, from research through discovery, validation, pilot production, scale-up, early production and commercialization. To demonstrate the customized capabilities available, the company has created the DWK Solutions Pack, a demonstration of the different services with must-have products for research, packaging & production. Services include surface treatments, such as bar coding, serialization, cleaning, sterilization, and coating, and packaging-related services that include tare weighing, pre-sorting and just-in-time quantity shipments. Once configured, the products are RTU (ready to use) in the customer’s workflow. With Workflow Solutions, customers experience immediate productivity improvements by reducing handling and administrative tasks, while increasing output quality with streamlined workflows.

The specialized services offered with DWK Life Sciences Workflow Solutions include: a choice of bar-coding technologies to assure accurate sample management even in severe environments where sample containers may be subjected to corrosive materials; containers with tare weight values that allow researchers to determine the exact net weight of their samples; particulate cleaning performed with water meeting USP or WFI (water for injection) purification standards to comply with the USP <788> standard for particulates; depyrogenation treatment services using dry heat and multiple WFI rinses for removing RNAse and DNAse enzymes to certified endotoxin levels of less than 0.06 EU/mL; sterilization to Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) of 10-6; silanization or siliconization surface treatments that create a barrier to eliminate active sites that could potentially react with container contents; and, for the ultimate in workflow optimization, customized packaging offering large or small batch runs, shrink-wrapping, and packaging in HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filtered conditions or in certified class 100/10 cleanrooms.

Our consultative approach positions us a solutions provider that allows us to meet our customer’s operational objectives while eliminating multivendor preparation and reducing inventory management costs. Whether a customer produces in vitro diagnostics, life science reagents, compounded or parenteral pharmaceuticals or almost any other life science product, we have the experience and the products to help improve their workflow.”

Rick Schwartz, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at DWK Life Sciences

Workflow Solutions from DWK Life Sciences is provided as a custom service. Customers may request a demo of the DWK Solutions Pack for research or for packaging & production. Workflow Solutions by DWK Life Sciences has established a proven record of maximizing workflow efficiencies.

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