TissueGnostics achieves milestone in research community

TissueGnostics is pleased to announce achieving a new level of confidence within the international biomedical research community. As of May 2020, TissueGnostics has been referenced in over 1,500 individual research publications. High impact research made possible by TissueGnostics, emerging from 59 countries on 6 continents, results in a sum impact factor of 8,700.

TissueGnostics achieves milestone in research community

TissueGnostics is a company focusing on solutions for precision medicine and provides fully integrated cutting-edge tissue cytometers including a multitude of configurations from brightfield and immunofluorescence scanning to more advanced confocal, multispectral & high-throughput scanning to contextual tissue cytometry. The goal of TissueGnostics is to bring the same type of phenotypical analysis of single cells from Flow Cytometry into tissue context. TissueGnostics has been founded in 2003 and is a globally active Austrian company with subsidiaries in the EU, USA, China, and users on all continents excluding Antarctica. TissueGnostics’ mission is to elevate scientific work all over the world and thereby help researchers gain novel insights into critical research topics.

TissueGnostics’ impact and presence in research have been increasing steadily since the company’s inception, reflected in the growing number of reference publications. There have been over 200 papers referencing TissueGnostics published in the year 2019 alone. These publications cover a multitude of research fields including oncology (35%), neuroscience, immunology, cardiology, regenerative medicine and stem cell research.

TissueGnostics achieves milestone in research communityThese studies included healthy and diseased tissues (brain, xenograft tumors, lung, skin, colon, etc.) as well as cell cultures from a great variety of species (human, mouse, rat, etc.).

TissueGnostics achieves milestone in research community

Most of the 1500 research publications referencing TissueGnostics (over 50%) originate in the United States, Austria, Taiwan (China), Germany, and mainland China.

All publications are easily accessible at https://tissuegnostics.com/. Filters and keyword searches can be applied to find specific usage examples of tools provided by TissueGnostics.


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