TissueGnostics joins the global fight against infectious diseases

The world is facing an unprecedented challenge in form of SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19, and TG stands strong to support mankind and our research community!

TissueGnostics joins the global fight gainst infectious diseases with our globalalliance against pandemic virus threats campaign

We pledge to provide up to 5 MILLION EURO of the company’s award-winning IMAGE CYTOMETRY SOFTWARE at “NO COST” in support of researchers around the world who are fighting to win this battle with  SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19. TissueGnostics stands in solidarity with all those battling this disease and any disease which threatens the quality of human life.

We all are now facing unique situations, which impose enormous challenges on modern societies, global economy and health systems in all countries!

Likewise, the international biomedical research community must face the challenge of a pandemic situation and come up with solutions in the shortest time possible – with regards to understanding of:

  • infection pathways,
  • induced immune responses (including failure to respond or over reaction and sepsis),
  • mechanisms of disease progression,
  • prognostic and therapeutic indications
  • possible vaccination strategies

For a comprehensive summary follow this article:

DISCLAIMER: This is a courtesy offer by TissueGnostics and licenses will be offered on a “first come – first served” basis. The licenses provided comprise the analysis applications TissueQuest, HistoQuest, and StrataQuest SOLUTIONS. The software licenses will be valid at least throughout the COVID-19 crisis and are subject to renewal every 6 months. Maximum duration of free usage is 18 months. After that we offer all partners in this campaign to purchase the software at special discount. Due to the global scale of this campaign training for TissueGnostics’ image cytometry and morphometry software will be available through video tutorials and webinars. Additional support is available according to the discretion and capacity of TissueGnostics’ worldwide distribution network.

It is the sole discretion of TissueGnostics to decide whether or not an applicant is eligible. Legal claims excluded.


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