MGI's DNBSEQ-T20×2 wins BEYOND Healthcare Innovation Award

MGI Tech Co. Ltd. ("MGI"), a company committed to building core tools and technology to lead life science, today is proud to announce that its DNBSEQ-T20×2 ("T20") gene sequencing platform has been awarded the BEYOND Healthcare Innovation Award.


Image Credit: MGI Tech Co. Ltd.

We are honored to receive this prestigious award. T20 is a testament to our commitment to providing innovative solutions that enable scientists to advance research and improve healthcare outcomes. We are proud to be at the forefront of the genomics revolution and look forward to continuing to innovate and push boundaries of what is possible in this field."

Duncan Yu, President, MGI.

BEYOND Healthcare Innovation Award was launched by BEYOND Expo in 2020 to recognize healthcare companies that offer innovative products and services with breakthrough technologies and industry-leading solutions and to showcase the potential of technological innovation. At the 2023 award ceremony held on 12 May, MGI won the award for T20, a genome sequencer that broke records for its ultra-high throughput and cost-efficiency with the ability to produce up to 50,000 whole-genome sequences per year at a sub-hundred-dollar price per genome.

T20 was first introduced at the Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT) in the United States in February 2023. Its launch has accelerated the understanding of human genome and medical applications, driving the development of global genomics and fundamentally reshaping the industry ecosystem. Since then, T20 has been widely adopted by research institutions and healthcare providers. In April 2023, MGI secured the first T20 corporate order with Shanghai-based JMDNA Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd. The platform's capability to provide affordable and high-quality sequencing data at scale has made it an attractive tool for researchers and clinicians looking to expand their genomic research capacity advance their research.

The gene sequencer is the pinnacle product that integrates frontier knowledge in science with cutting-edge technologies and components from various fields, including mechanics, engineering, electronics, automation, acoustics, optics, mathematics, chemistry, biology, and computer science. At the same time, as a fundamental tool in life sciences, it has demonstrated significant value in research, clinical diagnosis, disease treatment, and other areas for its extremely precise function.

MGI is one of two companies in the world that can independently develop and mass-produce clinical gene sequencers of low, medium, and high-throughput from Gb to Tb. Equipped with the capacity to provide diverse genetic sequencers covering a wide range from low, medium, to ultra-high throughput sequencing applications, MGI offers a one-stop shop for customers based on their varying genomic needs.


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