eMolecules acquires Specs Compound Handling B.V.

 eMolecules, Inc., an industry leading chemical compound search-and-fulfillment platform for early discovery chemistry research, today announced the acquisition of Specs Compound Handling B.V. (“Specs”).  

Specs offers chemical compound management services to the life sciences industry, particularly in the European pharmaceutical, biotechnology and academic sectors, driving time and cost efficiencies for customers’ large scale drug candidate screening programs.  

Headquartered in the Netherlands, Specs has over 35 years of commercial and chemical reformatting operations in Europe and USA, and commercial operations in Asia.  The acquisition strategically expands the geographical footprint of eMolecules’ compound reformatting and management capabilities.       

“Welcoming the highly reputable and talented Specs team into eMolecules represents a major milestone and opportunity for our companies and customers,” said Dr. Niko Gubernator, CEO and President of eMolecules.  “We are thrilled by the prospect of deepening our relationships with research organizations who have expressed the need for a truly global, end-to-end partner to support efficient compound procurement and management across regionally distributed chemistry groups.”

Dr. Gubernator also noted, “This acquisition accelerates eMolecules vision of delivering world-class capabilities that support the rapid transformation of chemicals into knowledge. eMolecules and Specs share a goal of enabling chemists to focus on the highest value activities and reduce the inefficiencies associated with drug discovery, resulting in tangible operational returns for our customers.”

Dr. Johan Tijhuis, CEO of Specs said, “We are excited to join forces with eMolecules and believe that the combination of our two teams will enhance our value to the drug discovery research community.  Specs’ customers greatly appreciate the white-glove support that we offer, especially to those with important chemistry operations in Europe. We are delighted that they will benefit from eMolecules’ expertise in global chemical procurement and expanded reformatting and inventory management services in the US through our facilities.” 

eMolecules’ existing investors, including Avista Capital Partners, supported the transaction.


For questions or more information about this transaction, please contact:  

Jeff Desroches, SVP Corporate Development, eMolecules
[email protected] 


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