1. Caleb Murdock Caleb Murdock United States says:

    People who are thinking of transitioning should go very slowly and deliberately.  They should also consider a simple fact:  Transitioning is not actually possible.  The body you end up with is not a true male or female body, but only a facsimile.  My recommendation is that you try to adjust to your body as it is.  If you are a woman who feels like a man and is attracted to women, be satisfied to be a Lesbian -- and I would offer similar advice to men who feel like women.

    • Isabella Simmons Isabella Simmons United States says:

      A trans woman is a person with a woman's brain trapped in a mans body, and vice versa for trans men. A "woman" who feels like a man, and is attracted to women will not be happy being a woman, because they ARE NOT a woman, they're a man, even actual science and biology studies support this. This article is clearly politically biased and are clearly using detransitioners and trans people for a nefarious purpose.

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