1. Will Do Will Do United States says:

    I have a lazy eye and something puzzling has occurred.   First a little history, I first noticed it when I was around 16.  I inquired about fixing it and I was told that I was too old.  To prevent squint, I tried to exercise my eye.  As the years went by I just adjusted to my lazy eye but I focused mainly out of my good eye.  I am 67 now and up until about 2 years ago I could not see anything clearly out of my lazy eye even with glasses.  For some reason the vision in my lazy eye improved.  The doctor said that I have cataracts so I decided to have them removed.  Before the cataract surgery the vision in my right eye was 20/80 with my glasses.  After the cataract surgery and implant my vision improved to 20/25.  I still cannot understand how my vision improved from being somewhat blind to 20/25.  My ophthalmologist was amazed at how much my vision had corrected.

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