1. Anne Anne Australia says:

    As a PCA in a nursing home I just lost my job because of mobbing. I'm numb. I was so over worked I don't know where to begin. It didn't matter how much I did, that I never took a break, that I would be trembling with exhaustion at the end of my night shift nothing was good enough.It reminded me of the abusive relationship I was in with my children's partner. I don't even have the energy to go through all the abuses and over work that were heaped on me. I have been trawling the internet for hours now reading with increasing horror nurse's stories of being bullied and accused of horrendous things they haven't done so the hospital/nursing home can justify getting rid of them. they all have my love and support but as soon as I can I will get out of the health care system. It will send me to an early grave.

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