1. Carolina de Vos Carolina de Vos Australia says:

    I am a mother of two autistic children. One is high functional but oh boy we went through HELL and absolutely HELL until he took off. And even now there is still such along road ahead. My other son seems more severe though still pretty young -2 and 2 months. Just hoping and wishing he will do as well as his brother. But we do NOT know as of yet which end of the spectrum he will turn out to be. My everyday life SUCKS with so much uncertainty and the question what would happen to my children if I am gone?? and when Ill be gone if they will be unable to care for themselves. I used to believe in God and I was anti abortion etc but you need to be THERE to truly understand. I am not going to have another child but if this test would have been available I would have DEFINITELY had it done with my second son. Whether I would have terminate prob not but at least I least I could have prepared myself, I could have seek for early intervention at 8 months instead at 2 years etc. People are not in this situation shouldn't even comment because they have No idea what is like

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