1. Pauline Hull Pauline Hull Canada says:

    It's bad enough that women are not always given balanced, unbiased information about the comparable risks of different birth plans, but to suggest introducing this situation at elementary school is highly questionable.
    Many women who choose a caesarean are concerned about urinary and fecal incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse and impact on sexual health. They are also concerned about stillbirth, infant injuries and the unpredictability of labour. Most children at elementary school won't be knowledgeable about or concerned about these issues at that stage in their life, but they will learn about and may be 'influenced' by them later on.
    It concerns me as a mother of primary school aged children that such a study, with the goal of 'reducing caesarean rates' might secure ethics approval in Canada.

    Incidentally, caesarean rates in most developed countries are considerably higher than 10-20% above the WHO's recommended rates of 10-15%...

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