1. David McLeod David McLeod United States says:

    When and where will potential clinical gene therapy trials begin?  Which physicians or organizations are interested doing this kind of trial?

    I have inclusion-body myositis and have been in a clinical trial.  My interest, though, is to be involved with a treatment that may reverse this condition rather than to slow it.

    • Wing Girl Wing Girl United States says:

      David:  Agreed.  Just slowing something is not really the answer. If IBM (which I may or may not have - no one is really sure at this point), is only able to be slowed to some extent, only to continue marching along its destructive path, what's the point?  It's like when many years ago they thought harvesting healthy cartilage from a patient with osteoarthritis, and then transplanting it back into the same patient, was a good thing.  Of course, the transplanted cartilage eventually began deteriorating too (osteoarthritis), so all that procedure did was buy some time for a patient's knee or some other joint. It was not a fix.  Just a delaying technique.  

      Unless something is proven beyond the shadow of a doubt, I'm not really for it. In addition, no one would know what the long term effects of this tiial therapy might be, and unless they're using it on humans with magnificent and long term positive results, I remain guarded. It's like all the medications we now have available, and millions of people take them, then along comes evidence that they caused WORSE side effects than the disease or condition they were supposed to cure - or at least help in some way.

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