1. Rosci T Rosci T United States says:

    Curious to know exactly what the "scientific data" is that these conclusions are based upon. Who was in the study. When was it conducted? How many households? What correlative data was used to tie the gun ownership into the hospital visits and death stats. What studies were shown to compare non-gun-ownership and hospital visits and deaths. What data was used to compare deaths from break-ins, home-invasions, burglaries, and assaults in homes without protection vs homes with protection? Who funded this study? Was it George Soros and his group who is extremely anti-gun? Or was it a double blind study that was looking at many factors without the bias against guns being part of the questions and the research?

    Recent FBI data shows that gun deaths have DECREASED every year in the past 4 years. This is at a time when gun purchases and gun club memberships have RISEN steadily in the same four years. The deaths tracked were both for accidental gun deaths and gun deaths during a crime.

    And, in fact, as these statistics show - Doctors are 9,000 times more likely to cause a death than a gun in the home. Perhaps we should control doctors better. www.americanconservativedaily.com/.../

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