1. D L D L Canada says:

    No one died before the vaccines. Not only should the study compare to the unvaccinated, it should compare to the time before the shots were available. When the only extra deaths for heart complications were clearly due to lack of medical attention of the comorbid caused by specialists being closed to patients to make room for COVID. And the majority of  COVID deaths at the time were the people treated with the experimental Wuhan and German study ending in a question mark of 2019, " how to treat COVID in pneumonia patients ?" Not one person that I knew of or heard of had their pneumonia treated or even tested in anyway. They were all sent away without treatment and if they came back they got vented and died. Except one. But they accidentally caused an infection in that person's throat from rough care on her trach so they had to give her antibiotics. Boom 3 days later she was cured after 68 days of vents which nearly killed her like everyone else in the ward. COVID units. Where people went to die of COVID. The lucky survivors are blessed if they can even walk after laying there so long or if they can even begin to recover their organs from the damage of all the gen anasthetic and ketamine thats been administered to them Frown

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