1. PatGoltz PatGoltz United States says:

    My pediatrician said grandmothers in Africa breastfeed their grandchildren. They go to bed with the baby for 48 hours, let the baby nurse on demand, and drink plenty of fluids. This brings in the milk in two days.

    I also tried hand-expressing on my nipples for awhile, after having breastfed one baby and stopped, and got colostrum before I was satisfied and stopped. Subsequent to having my second baby, we adopted while I still had breast milk. I breastfed the adopted baby. Then we adopted the second baby while I still had breast milk, and I breastfed that one as well. He had failure to thrive, but they couldn't diagnose it. They blamed my breast milk so I had it tested, and it was fine. I later concluded that his problem was caused by his biological mother using marijuana during pregnancy. We were able to help him overcome his problem by feeding him an organic diet of carrot juice, goat milk, kelp, oil, and alfalfa sprouts. He is now 6 feet tall and healthy.

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