1. merri petersen merri petersen United States says:

    The fact that the virus has never been isolated, and the PCR tests are irrelevant due to that, is really an issue that everyone should think about. What happened to people's ability to critically think about issues. Full disclosure of the true science, not the political science that the MSM owned by the big pharm is only allowed to report, no longer reporting objective news. Only to yield more profit. Not putting the actual CDC VAIRS REPORTING SYSTEM out for the general, and unsuspecting population to view. It's sad, and pathetic what our country is doing to the human population, which to them we are just cattle.

    • Jennifer Jennifer United States says:

      LOL, where do you fill your brain with this, Instagram? Fact: Use Google and you will find many papers, mostly from late 2019 and early 2020.  Read and they will easily show to any thinker that it has been isolated by independent teams or scientists (ooh, just want to alert you that big words will be used in these papers) around the world. Here are some of the earlier ones: Korea National University, Seoul; both the VIDO-InterVac in Saskatoon, and Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre at University of Toronto, Canada; Regione FVG Laboratory Group/Trieste University, Italy; a consortium of medical and university based researchers in Odense, Demmark.
      Not enough? The virus has also been completely sequenced several times, which is again indicative that it HAS been isolated. Come out of
      your sink hole, or at least quit pretending sharing such obvious lies. Again, Google is your friend, if you actually care.

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