1. Tom Tobin Tom Tobin United States says:

    Circumcision is being hailed as the solution.  It doesn't even work.  There is no disease it prevents, or cures.
    If the incomplete African studies, which no country can replicate, are to be believed, circumcision prevents HIV transmission from women to men at between 36% and 60% or so.
    Condoms protect both partners from a host of diseases, including HIV, and they are 98% effective.  Which would you choose?  Removing half the skin of your genitalia, for 60% effectiveness at best, or staying whole, and using a condom?
    There are HIV vaccines which are being worked on, and are close to being a reality.  What if you had a circumcision, and the HIV vaccine was released next week?
    Circumcision is one of the silliest, most wasteful ideas anyone ever attempted to foist on Africans, in recent memory.  The very coercive feeling of the campaign should tell you something.  If it made sense, it would sell itself, without the heavy propaganda from the WHO and others.  No one says a circumcised man is safe without a condom.  We've buried nearly a million mostly circumcised men due to AIDS in the United States.  If you have to wear a condom to be safe, what is circumcision going to add?  The answer is, nothing.

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