1. Dave Love Dave Love Australia says:

    I have Ulcerative Colitis I got diagnosed after being being sick for a long time and finally rushed to hospital with an HG level of 8.5 and was offered a blood transfusion.     I opted for an Iron infusion instead was also told have had chronic active inflammation of my bowel, likely UC.  I started on sulfasalazine, 2 per day and ramped up to 6 per day.

    That did help somewhat, but my iron level dropped from 600 back to 15 in a few months and my HG was dropping again from its peak of 15.   I had another infusion but had a reaction as soon as it started.   Was told I could never have another Iron infusion.  No one could tell me what the option was.   My specialist said maybe they could dilute the iron and drip it in over 48 hours.   I read about the possible benefits of Cannabis and it sounded like it was worth a try.

    So I started getting 1Oz about every 6 weeks.   First thing I noticed was when I had a bad day, the days where it feel like you got a brick in your stomach and end up going to the toilet 10 times in the day, that 1 puff of pot and it would stop the feeling in 5 minutes.   Nothing else could do that.     After using it regularly and dropping back on the sulfasalazine (4 per day), my bowel went back to normal.  I never thought I would have a normal bowel again, but I did.   My stomach went flat, my iron went up to 90 and I felt great.      Anyway I decided to stop the pot a few months ago.  It is hard to get where I live and at my age (42) and also some of it is just too strong for my likings.      Well I'm back to having the brick feeling, loose stools, enlarged stomach, bleeding etc.     There is no doubt that the Pot helps like nothing else does.  
    I am back to 6 sulfasalazine per day, but it dosn't work as well without Pot and I get joint pain and itching from it.   It's joke that the cure is right at my finger tips, but so difficult to get because of the laws in Australia.

    No doubt, that it works to treat UC.    I can only hope the laws will change soon so people like me don't have to suffer.

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