1. David S David S United States says:

    Seriously?  Words and Blah, blah about Propoganda & DISINFORMATION!!   Another ploy to detract from the facts of all the Covid Jabs issues.  So much false info,  and here's another... this rise is not a listed.  Get the facts straight... THC, as well as Opoids, BOTH, work the opposite as described, depressing blood pressure,  blood flow,  heart rate.   The whole reasonan overdose on an Opoid happens is due to the fact when too much is taken, it DEPRESSES your breathing,  and heart rate,  SLOWING the effects, the opposite of A-Fib... obviously it doesn't normalize blood flow - which could be your point... but that's like saying start belts save lives in high speed crashes,  and thankfully I wore mine when i bumped into my trash can when i got home from work.
    No bearing on the rest of the article!

      And yes, smoking 'anything' can increase your heart rate - your system has to become more efficent to utilize the oxygen that it is deprived of when carbon monoxide is inhaled; HOWEVER, THC can be taken orally by edibles, or by concentrated droppers (edible oil), etc.; SLOWING heart rate.  Total opposite of claim... either redo the research, and the article,  or just admit this is a shell game to detract from the  "Vaxcine" issue... which is the real killer in our society, today.  

      Depopulation... WEF.  The New World Order and thier agenda will fall; only suceed they will find is to suck seed.

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