1. Richard Harpster Richard Harpster United States says:

    One of the biggest problems is misinformation by the medical community to the public about wearing masks.  Since day one, the CDC has misinformed the public about the type of mask they should be wearing because they thought if they told the American public the truth they would go purchase N95 masks.  As an example, the picture of the surgical mask shown is not intended to protect the wearer from infection.  The masks being recommended by the CDC are ineffective both for prevention of infection of the wearer by the public and infection of the public by the wearer.  One only has to look at South Korea and its KF94 Respirator to see what an effective mask worn by the public can do.  Currently South Korea's infection rate is 1/60th of that of the US because they took the necessary steps to put proper masks on the public.  It is critical that the CDC take down the instructions on how to make ineffective facial coverings and replace them with instructions on how to make facial coverings that both protect the wearer and the public from infection.  One can be made for $5 to $7 with materials normally already in the home.

    • Jim Brady Jim Brady United States says:

      The physicist in me agrees with the mask fit and the KF94 (I use an industrial N95 with the valve taped over) and that most mask are worn improperly (if at all).  When I go to medical facilities, I find that the majority of mask are worn improperly with the "tip of the nose" version being the most popular, then the "don't pinch my poor nose" version, and finally "the chin warmer".  

      As to the cloth  mask, homemade or commercial, most fail to be very effective by being made of soft and porous materials.  Comfortable, but you are working at breathing the mask is NOT working at stopping Covid.

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