1. Bill Houngle Bill Houngle United Kingdom says:

    Although it is not wrong to voice the perspective of the detransition movement, you are misrepresenting a lot of the facts. In an NBC article [www.nbcnews.com/.../media-s-detransition-narrative-fueling-misconceptions-trans-advocates-say-n1102686] they show the statistics that about 8% of people transition want to detransition, and about 65% of these people changed their mind later.

    Besides, there has been a lot of research suggesting that there might be "boy brains" and "girl brains", but most research you will find will fairly say that we simply don't have the technology to be certain. I remember having difficulty finding articles on this 5 to 10 years ago, but I found one indicating that researchers found a specific clump of cells having a certain shape for male-identifying individuals which differed from female-identifying individuals which was unrelated to their sexuality but purely related to their gender. Nowadays you can find way more articles on this, it doesn't take much time to look. But the bottomline is that our ability to map brains isn't as advanced as some people think (we can, for example, differentiate between ADHD and neurotypical brains in terms of neuroanatomy, but we cannot use this to diagnose people with ADHD yet because the technology isn't there).

    Please don't be so irresponsible posting an article as clearly biased as this one on a site called "new-medical.net" claiming, with a writer with a Bachelor in Science of biological sciences. Some people actually won't do their own research and have the knowledge that a writer with no experience on neuroanatomy/-science shouldn't be taken as a figure of authority on genderstudies.

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