1. Devon Majerus Devon Majerus United States says:

    This article is absolute trash. He has no substantial claims to back up his opinion, which is exactly that, an opinion. Melatonin is NATURALLY produced by your body! That's why it's such an effective sleep aid. Caffeine blocks our body's natural melatonin as well, so people should know not to drink caffeine before bed. The reason we prescribe it to people over 55 normally is because our bodies stop producing it naturally as we age. You can find all of this information in just about any medical text book talking about the endocrine system and it's all based on research. Until some actual research comes out stating that it's bad in any sort of way, I wouldn't believe quacks like this guy. Another side note, I don't know what it's like in Australia, but the melatonin I get I needed a prescription for.

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