1. Dan Richards Dan Richards Australia says:

    I read a lot of articles and the common link I find is the language used to profess the positive aspects of vaccination. The words ,if, may, should do not underline a positive position as much as  does, definitely and will. I understand nothing is 100% definite when dealing with EUA medicine, but I feel the way language is being used in the media portrays sceptical beleif at this stage.
    I believe articles written these days should provide wholesome proved truthfully comments and include a comparison which includes unvaccinated results as well. Those who chose to remain unvaccinated are still part of the human species. My point is if the language used is producing doubt then the article should include reference to both outcomes. In my workplace I have witnessed unvaccinated people remain healthy and still to come down with an initial infection whilst watching quad vaxxed in the same position have multiple infections. To me this is a fact of life and after 2 years now raises a lingering doubt like the language used in articles. Time will provide the ultimate truth, until then let's include factual information for all members of the human race.

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