1. Cynthia Preston Cynthia Preston United States says:

    I was prescribed Fluoxitine and Clonazepam for anxiety and panic attacks 10 years ago. I took the Fluoxitine for 9 months and continued the Clonazepam rarely and at a very low dose, usually 1/2 of a .5 mg tablet as needed which involved more frequent use when I started having significant insomnia and anxiety episodes. I found that I had to take more to be able to sleep at all at night and I recognized that the drug was making matters worse not better and decided to come off of it. My doctor claimed I could just stop since it was such a low dose. However, I had severe withdrawal symptoms, extreme anxiety, nausea, panic attacks where I felt as though I was having a heart attack. No laughing matter and no way I could just stop, as little as I was taking. In short, it took me 6 months of tapering to successfully come off of the Clonazepam. I have been free of this horrible and dangerous drug for 2 years now. I still regularly have "brain zaps", which incidentally meets with a blank response or some other unspoken judgement whenever I have brought it up with any doctor I have seen, which includes my cardiologist, my PC physician and even a pulmonologist/sleep medical doctor. Interestingly enough, my dentist was the most interested and inquisitive about my symptoms! So little is known about the brain and admitting that they are playing Russian Roulette with it is something doctors do not want to acknowledge. I only took SSRIs for a total of about 1 year and these effects I am experiencing I attribute more to the use of Clonazepam, but perhaps they are both culprits in the ongoing withdrawal effects. The brain zaps are worse when I have not slept well and only occur at night when I am lying down. I hope that at some point they pass, but given that it has been 2 years now and they are still going strong, I am not optimistic. I am however feeling much better than when I was taking these drugs and have found natural ways to handle anxiety that for the most part are working for me.

    • Sandra Villarreal Sandra Villarreal United States says:

      Cynthia, I hope your doing much better now. Our mental healthcare field is so ignorant, and negligent of our suffering from the drugs they prescribe to us. My drug counselor told me that because I was on such a low dose of Klonopin, but I'd also been on it for 10 years, that it would be 'just fine' to 'cold turkey' so I did! This withdrawal took my mind places I never knew existed. I lived in sheer terror and psychosis with hallucinations, pounding heart palpitations, excruciating headaches (felt like my head was in a vise), nightmares, it induced every mental disorder listed in the DSM especially schizophrenia, paranoia, anxiety so high I never knew the mind could tolerate (which I prayed for a gun every moment), insomnia up to 5 days at a time, my mind had completely shut down it was overloaded. I ended up in the psych unit and the Emergency Room after day 5 of no sleep and my entire body started shaking uncontrollably, my bladder quit working so I developed UTI, ungodly panic, I was not able to relate to reality at all. And after I survived going through all this while home, alone, my mental Healthcare workers never believed what I had experienced. You know, enough is enough! I have learned that going to a psychiatrist for anything is one of the most dangerous things a person can ever do. And when we suffer from withdrawals that they gave up they ignore, and deny instead blaming the patient, once again, that's it's our own mental illness surfacing. This is a travesty that his happens in America and all over the world when they know. These drugs have been around for 50 years but they instead prescribe us addicting drugs and we are left to find a way to get off them. May god bless you Cynthia, I'm happy to see you were one of those that survived their withdrawals.

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