1. Teresa Nevins Teresa Nevins United States says:

    I am from the USA and let me tell you, we have the very same problem. I was ill for 14 years with hypothyroidism (really from five years old) I couldn't function on T4. I am the one that did research and found out I needed T3. I found a doctor on a website that would prescribe it. Then when he left my HMO the next doctor refused to let me have that amount do to my TSH test. Etc. etc. etc. The same old story. I went to 4 endos and they never once suggested T3 in any form! 14 years of my life wasted; it was torture! I couldn't work; financally we will never recover. We are barely hanging onto our house. These doctors ruined my life! So I am back on a higher dose, but I am afraid my present doctor will not allow me to stay on it. So I have already been searching around for a new one to take her place just in case. I found a nurse practicioner at a low-income clinic that will use symptoms instead of tests to monitor it.

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