1. Erskien Lenier Erskien Lenier United States says:

    Think about it a moment.... God supposedly took Male DNA (Not dust as he did to create Adam and manipulated it to become female (same as scientist are able to do in the lab now a days) and grow a women of whom was literally a female version of Adam even more so than your or my sister or brother and Adam had sex with her and they made babies out of wedlock. Since there was no other humans on Earth these children had to have sex with either their parents or each other to keep the family tree going. Even thought Christians might have a million and one opinions about this there is no other way to get to where we are today according to the Bible. If we know that red hair or blue eyes is recessive and can pop up anywhere in a family tree why not same sex or even wrong body in relation to sexual orientation can't happen? Did God not create this and set it in motion? He could have chose otherwise... Why would he create this then curse his creation when it's his fault if he has or had an issue with it? Sounds like God needs to man up and stop being schizophrenic and childish.

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