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  1. Deborah Cash Deborah Cash United States says:

    My father had leukopenia and thrombocytopenia which turn into leukemia he was tired and pains joints hurt for about 4 years we tried to find out what was going on with him and his blood work and he was at one time in the Army and then he works for a Atomic plant  he was around radiation now find out  that my brother  work in Atomic plant for 3 or more years lots of  people in these area have problem radiation ]has the same thing and he's in pain there's about 10 states that have the atomic plants in there that causes disease illnesses you have to check into. What causes Leukemia is in the water  in the air kidney failure stillborn deaths of leukemia cancer several different types of cancers they're not making you aware of My dad was  working in the 1960 at Atomic radiation plant they didn't  have the protective gear like they have now they were exposed to a lot of Bellevue radiation iron different types of radiation that they shouldn't be exposed to. My grandfather work out there and couldn't  take a bath befor coming out ofbthe plant and he had all thst radiation on his pants and my mom and her sister were little kids and when my grandfather would come home and wrap them around legs my mother has chemical burns all on her arms and legs which she grabbed my grandfather's pants leg they had to take her to Washington and Chicago two Specialists and they confirmed they were radiation Burns her sister has a lot of immune diseases from it also check into it in this area that I live most people get their blood drawn forearm radiation a lot of other things because of the radiation is in everything 60 minutes had a special on the town with the radiation plants and its effect.

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