1. Paul Paul Canada says:

    For those people claiming to be cured by the "Liberation Treatment" go to Youtube and put "faith healing cures multiple sclerosis" and see the videos of people saying they have been cured by Dr. Jesus and they are walking without canes. Really we are seeing the combination of hope, expectation, suggestibility and the placebo effect producing short term effects. Also the Swedish protocol did show normal flow, if there was really an obstruction at some point in the cranial circulation system blood flow reduction would have been seen. It is telling that only the originator of the hypothesis can see the effect (sort of like Bolduc and N rays in 1900).

    • Shirley Renshaw Shirley Renshaw Canada says:

      CCSVI is NOT a cure.  I wonder why people like you find words that are not spoken but by nay sayers.  Come on, you should know better.  It's things that you write that gives ME a bad name. I resent that and forgive you on your ignorance.  I want you to prove to me that the Swedish study was NOT a farce.  You seem to know so I want it spelled out.  What protocols, equipment and other factors were used to prove CCSVI wrong?  Why do you say it's a placebo effect?  How do you know it is only for a short term effects?  AND who is Dr. Jesus?  See once again you are writing things that are not true.  When you write crap it makes your comments NOT CREDIBLE.  Use facts to prove your point not silly terminology.

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