1. C. Valdez C. Valdez United States says:

    Interesting article. I already knew some animals had homo or bi tendencies. He states hermaphroditic animals are purely bi, but the word is meant to describe someone with both male and female genitalia.

    I disagree that ducks are purely homo. It is true that they stick with one partner for life, but I've only seen hetero ducks.

    • Learned Learned Canada says:

      C. Valdez: Sexuality preferences within a hermaphroditic species is of moot point precisely because both parties have dual-gender reproductive gear.  Within such a species there can't be any practically determined sexual preference because each lucky partner to choose from will always be both male and female.

      It is worth noting that this article is providing a strict definition of gender as defined by one's sex organs. (Excluding other potential factors - such as behavioural masculinity/femininity - which often shape human categorization in modern argument.)

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