1. Br Mcd Br Mcd United States says:

    Yes, because it is an umbrella term used incorrectly by many professionals. This diagnosis happens often, especially in women, when blood work comes back ‘normal’ and test seem fine, ect ect. Only to later down the line be diagnosed with something like POTS, EDS, MCAS, hyper/hypothyroidism, and many more chronic illnesses that can be caused by a genetic mutation.

    There needs to be more research of these things before we throw around the term chronic fatigue so loosely when it in itself is used so unprofessionally in the medical field.

    Anytime I’ve heard someone come in with a chronic fatigue diagnosis it’s normally POTs…and the amount of people who also don’t understand POTs in the field is mind blowing as well despite it gaining recognition in recent years. It’s a lot more common than people thing with different severities. I’m only going on about this because it’s a cardiovascular illness which causes the average heartrate to be much high when in an upright position and in general. Which in turn, causes chronic fatigue amongst thousands of people worldwide. Same can go for undiagnosed thyroid issues causing fatigue. I’m just exhausted of people throwing the term ‘chronic fatigue’ around as if it has much behind it.

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