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    Here is an excerpt from an article that speaks to the potential of "health clothes" as a part of our everyday future.  

    "There is a conceptual transition from “medical
    clothes” for patients to “health clothes” for
    citizens. The first category includes medical
    clothes that could be relatively cumbersome resulting
    from a merge of existing tools and sensors
    on regular clothes. This is at present realized
    in pre-commercial prototypes such as
    Mamagoose, pajamas for the detection of Sudden
    Infant Death Syndrome, or in products
    such as LifeShirt™, a system providing continuous
    ambulatory monitoring of respiratory
    and cardiac parameters. In addition to their
    health related functionality, these clothes
    should be elegant, easy to wear, and include invisible
    sensors and information technologies.
    This would require medium to long term R&D
    for integration of sensors/actuators, energy
    sources, processing, and communication functions
    within the clothes. Current prototypes
    such as SmartShirt™ and “medical assistance
    suit” (VTAMN Project) still require further
    medical validation. Longer research involving
    new fiber materials aims at “e-textiles,” where
    sensing, processing, and communications are
    integrated in a woven structure to monitor
    physiological signals and biomechanical variables.

    Very cool!!

    Here is the full article:


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