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  1. Mark O'Shea Mark O'Shea United Kingdom says:

    There is a photograph of a black and yellow snake accompanying this article. Open mouthed, it appears to possess enlarged fangs in fang shelves in the front of the upper jaws. The snake is a Malaysian mangrove snake (Boiga melanota, formerly Boiga dendrophila melanota), a well known species popular in captivity because of its size and patterning. But although it is mildly venomous it is a rear-fanged species, it only possesses small grooved fangs in the upper jaw posterior to the eyes, it does not possess large front fangs as displayed here. The photograph chosen for this article is therefore a photo manipulation intended to sensationalise snakes. Surely a more appropriate and accurate photograph could have been chosen because using a "fake snake" does rather undermine the validity and accuracy of the text.

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