1. Tracy Tracy United States says:

    This study made me mad! I am really glad that someone is looking into this! This study did not seem to be vary extensive at all.

    I have been seeing auras since I was 6. At this age, I realized that I was the only one seeing them. I can look at a stranger and see color auras. It doesn't have to be someone I know.

    No aura is specific to each individual. Auras are always changing on a person. I have seen two auras on one person before. The colors where green and blue. The colors would bounce off each other.

    There are auras around chairs, doors, any non-living item, but those are clear auras that goes around the object. It looks like heat off a road on a hot day.

    I hope I don't sound like I'm venting. I would just hate for the rest of us that see auras to be misunderstood.

    I can't explain why auras work! I just know there are somethings you can't explain. I would LOVE to see someone actually do a study on auras that sees auras them self!


    • suzy suzy United States says:

      I too see auras on people. People I know and people I don't. You mentioned the "clear" auras you see aound objects. Well I see that too. But its a different energy you're seeing. When I see this its spirits trying to manifest into form.  I have seen this in the shape if a person many times. So when you see this pay close attention. Someone may need your help.

    • tsylor tsylor United States says:

      I was with a friend earlier and they told me I had 2 auras blue and green but were flowing in harmony with each other side by side idk if it helps but if u do hear anything can u notify me please.

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