1. Glynis Jones Glynis Jones United Kingdom says:

    The BTA should be much more concerned with the fact they are letting sufferers rot with their appalling attitude. 3% of the population suffer with Hypothyroid? And how would they know this? Has any research been done? Who have they asked? When and where was their questionnaire published?

    NHS guidelines state that clinical results are only ONE of the things that doctors need to take into account when diagnosing not THE ONLY thing. I have been Hypo for 7 years, (yes seven) and have been physically examined ONCE and that was under sufferance and was not a complete examination, the 'endo' felt my neck, did not test reflexes or anything else, did not want to know about my symptoms and would not do any other test but TSH bloods.

    I suffered agonies for 7 years, hair falling out, could hardly stay awake and in so much pain I was suicidal, I wish that I could kick the backsides of the 5 'endos' that refused to listen to me, called me a liar and smugly told me I would have to live with it!!

    Just what is the BTA / BTF's vested interest in keeping people sick and helpless?

    I would just like to say to them that they are breaking up families, they are increasing the drugs bill by prescribing useless medicines such as anti depressants and worst of all ignoring and alienating a large number of sick people who could be much better if given proper treatment.

    I used to think that I would never wish this illness on anyone, but I really wish that all the smug, ignorant and poorly educated 'endos' would become Hypo and not be able to convert their crappy Levothyroxine to the necessary T3!! They'd soon be screaming for a change of the 'guidelines' then!!

    The BTA / BTF / etc. insist that T4 is the active hormone, not the T3, HELLO!!!! If the T3 is not active then why have you spread silly rumours that it is dangerous? If its inactive then what harm can it do? Why can't they get their heads from up their backsides and read the up - to - date information that is readily available? Clinical papers are online and can be downloaded for free in some cases, (wouldn't want them to spend any of their precious earnings off the back of sick people would we?)

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