1. Alison Alison South Africa says:

    I started taking Champix about three weeks ago.  It definitely helps you to stop smoking.  I just suffered with slight nausea at the beginning and stopped smoking after day ten.  But after about three weeks, I noticed my  mood swings.  I am already under stress with regards to job security and I have recently mentioned that my death would be the financial solution for my family. I have never comtemplated this before. I have feelings of worthlessness, become angry for little reason and act in a manic way when I cannot find things.  A close friend even mentioned that I had a "wild" look in my eyes! I do not want to subject my family to this and so have decided to stop taking these tablets.  I do know that nicotine withdrawal can make you feel depressed.  I did quit before and stayed smoke free for eight years and remember being teary when I initially quit, but this situation is worse - it's like all problems are insurmountable and there is no silver lining on any cloud!  I am now going to rely on will power not to smoke!!

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