1. Dan Keller Dan Keller United States says:

    The writer apparently has only a passing knowledge of immunology, based on the explanations she gives in the article. An important point missing from the article is the target antigen or specific epitope that the monoclonal antibody binds to. Just because the antibody is monoclonal and therefore targets one specfic part of one antigen does not mean that it will work to neutarlize SARS-CoV-2. Tell us what it is targeting and why that target is important for the virus's infectivity, replication, etc. In fact, some antibodies have been found to be deleterious in this disease, producing greater infectivity of the virus and thus are termed "enhancing antibodies." The article also fails to mention what stage the research is in, e.g., whether the antibody has only been shown to work in vitro (in cell culture), is in animal testing, or has been tried in people with COVID-19.

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